Fairy tails

Ever wish you could combine your favorite Disney character and your hair extension? Well then THIS is your field day. They clip in and out in case you don’t want anyone to think you only like Cinderella.



My quad city cowl

My dad sent me some beautiful wool from Japan along with some yummy ramen and green tea. We are performing on the road this week in the quad cities about 3 shows a day and it is goin to be cold and exhausting, so I wanted a really warm, wooly cowl. I accidentally sewed it inside out, but I rather like the seams showing, so I might leave it! Here it is made an hour before I left for the airport!



Eye pillows for my Rioult ladies

Marianna and Stacy in Rioult have been stressed about putting together our children’s show in Lehigh. I thought I would make them stress relieving eye pillows with some lavender from the farmers market! I think they will be enjoying them on our week long tour and on tours to come!

We have shows this weekend at the Zoellner center in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Handmade bag

This is a Xmas present for my friend, Donny. I had finished it, but it took me a while to actually sew the label Handmade by Jane into it. I had made a quilt of a lot of different greens, browns and wood grains featured before and what better way to use a remnant!!!


I know, I know! It has been forever since I have blogged and I really needed a break. I mean how many people write blogs and have nothing to say! Does anyone besides all my co-workers and best boyfriend ever want to hear about my first world problems? Prolly not!

Big summer news!

I am halfway through my summer plans!

We went to Japan and visited my dad.

I went to SF, CA and visited the ol family!

We are going to Seattle to see Dave’s family and eat Taco Time! I am also hoping to go to the Crumpet store in Pike’s Place Market!

And I am finally starting an etsy website! More to come!  And I’m learning photoshop. I completed another sweater despite the heat up in the 100 degrees and we moved into our living room since we have moldy walls!

It has been great and I have lots of pics to share, so i’ll be getting back on the blog band wagon!

Baby quilt done!

dscf2269dscf2274After a consultation and a work date with Dave, I finally was able to finish the quilt. It was quite a blast and before I knew it, it had finished itself. I’ll admit I am stepping up to the plate to design something for this young male about to be…..He is super lucky!  Lizzy is due April 16th!  yay! I can’t wait to be an aunt! 

To the right is the front and below is the back side!

Grey sweater…

almost done with the body! Notice the needles are still in it! I love knitting from the top down. I can try it on as I go!

Gradiated yarn in the "Fitted Knits" Boatneck Sweater

Gradiated yarn in the "Fitted Knits" Boatneck Sweater

now just the sleeves and hem left!




Mini muffin brioches to the finish line!

dscf2261So basically after the 60 some hours I spent curing the sponge and the kneading and rising of the dough, the baking couldn’t have come sooner. I didn’t end up making top knots since there wasn’t much dough. Yum!

If I had some extra hours on me, I’d make it again. The crumb wasn’t quite as light as the best bakery in france and it only made about half the dough I’d expected. I guess I wished it had risen more….sigh….It still tasted mighty great though.