Dear Prada,

I really like your new fall line of pajamas and old man’s bed jackets. Does that outfit come with a cigar?



I really like the patterns in this sewing book, but….

I”m just not sure I should buy it with that title!

She Has A Manish Style – Japanese Craft Book

She Has A Manish Style - Japanese Craft Book
She Has A Manish Style - Japanese Craft Book
She Has A Manish Style - Japanese Craft BookShe Has A Manish Style - Japanese Craft BookShe Has A Manish Style - Japanese Craft BookShe Has A Manish Style - Japanese Craft BookShe Has A Manish Style - Japanese Craft Book
She Has A Manish Style - Japanese Craft BookShe Has A Manish Style - Japanese Craft BookShe Has A Manish Style - Japanese Craft BookShe Has A Manish Style - Japanese Craft BookShe Has A Manish Style - Japanese Craft Book
Paperback: 79 pages
Publisher: Bunka Shuppan Kyoku (November 2010)
Author: Noriko Sasahara
Language: Japanese
Book Weight: 370 Grams
20 Projects of Making Beautiful Clothes with Full-Scaled Pattern Sheet

tiny things

Seeing as I am a relatively tiny person, I find myself really into tiny things. I met Erin Mahoney recently at the SF Art Explosion. She was making the most adorable miniature food. I wish there were pictures of it. Maybe she will send me one to post!

And I found these NY miniature storefronts. I really couldn’t even tell which were the real stores and he makes even NYC garbage charming. Thanks Randy!

Guess I will enjoy the first day of the New Year by celebrating all tiny things sitting in my small, pink armchair while knitting myself a new beret! Happy 2011 everyone!!

This computer will finally get a chance?!?!?!?

Tuesday December 14, 2010- This is an article from Gearlog

jeopardy logojpg

First they take all of our jobs–now they’re appearing on our gameshows. A computerwill finally get a chance to appear on Jeopardy, when IBM’s Watson makes its debut on the popular game show in February. The computer will appear on three episodes, taking on two of the show’s biggest winner–Ken Jennings, who won $2.5 (playing in a record 74 consecutive games) and Brad Rutter, who pulled in 3.2 million.

The winner of the three-way contest will bring home $1 million. Rutter and Jennings will donate half of their winnings to charity, should they be victorious. If Watson wins, meanwhile, it will donate all of its profits.

There are a number of difficulties that Watson must overcome, in order to win, including an understanding of subtle language nuances like puns and riddles. IBMscientist David Ferrucci is confident in the computer’s abilities, however, stating, “After four years, our scientific team believes that Watson is ready for this challenge based on its ability to rapidly comprehend what the Jeopardy clue is asking, analyze the information it has access to, come up with precise answers, and develop an accurate confidence in its response.”

Watson was named for IBM founder Thomas J. Watson. Over the past few month, its programmers have been running it through 50 mock Jeopardy games.


A lamp in the window

This is a local Astoria Wine Shop front. I know you would never be able to tell by the neon sign….What I really noticed was the sheer beauty of this lamp in the window. “It is indescribably beautiful. It’s a major award. I mean, it reminds me of the 4th of July.” I haven’t even watched A Christmas Story for years, but this replica you may soon be able to purchase at Target still made me smile.

Candy Land: The Backyard Board Game

I love this idea! Do I have time to do something like this? heck no. Do i wish I did? heck yeah.

I’d like to see a mini Mouse trap garden that doubles as a mini golf course!

Below is an excerpt from!

072310-candyland.jpg When you’re younger there are certain things you always dream of. Having a tea party with Smurfs, riding a dragon to the moon and back and of course, turning your entire backyard into Candyland. Although the first two might be a stretch, backyard Candyland is totally on the adgenda — check out the video after the jump!

There are 17 themed micro-gardens around the space that represent each of the areas on the traditional board game in some way with shape, smell, color and so forth. The space took 7 months to create and although there was a break in there somewhere for winter, everything came together quite nicely.

You can read more about the creation over at Craftster and we have to say job well done! What other board games would be a blast to recreate?

Who is that doggie in the window?

Astoria has a colorful scene especially when it comes to blue and white heads otherwise known as the elderly. Like most New Yorkers, I frequent my local laundromat. it reminds me of Cheers except instead of booze and meaningless banter, I find myself staring into the void that is the spin cycle, overhearing amazing conversations and watching bad TV. There is a couple that seems to go when I do, so I suppose we are “regulars”. They are most reminiscent of the Castanzas on Seinfield and they bring their pitiful and very loved dog to every establishment in the 2 block radius that is my house. It happily gets pushed along in a laundry cart and rests it’s broken leg that happens to be wrapped in orange polar fleece. (see in picture)

At first I’ll admit, I was disgusted by the thought of this dog riding around in the “Clean Clothes ONLY” cart, but after having to teach them how to pour bleach into the machine multiple times, I felt a little like they added the sparkle and amusement that I was lacking. I mean doing laundry was pretty darn boring before they came in. Watching “Mean Girls” was OK, but they added a whole new level of crazy to Queens. I had to sneak around and take a picture of the dog and I think he may have even posed for me. They seem to carry a “carte” blanche (pun intended)with that dog as well as if they could enter any deli or any clean clothing bin they want to and I have to admit I feel right at home here in ol Queens…..After all, I grew up in a family that now shares ice cream cones with their dogs on occasion.