Our trip to Seattle

A couple of weeks ago, Dave and I visited his family in Seattle.

We went on lots of beautiful walks and hikes,Went blueberry picking,Had lots of quality family time which I unfortunately didn’t get pictures of,

and went to Pike Place Market and ate at my favorite Crumpet Shop,

and had lots of taco time,

and also went to Top Pot Doughnuts! It was great to be up in the Northwest and get to go to the zoo and the farmer’s markets up there. So many great fruits, flowers and veggies….

At first, I thought all the books were fake, but they are real and I could have imagined spending days in there. We got an apple fritter and some chai tea!
and saw the new Seattle museum!


still haven’t signed up for a csa yet?

Well, it is almost too late…..except my friend is opening up one in Midtown for all you people that work near Grand Central Station and want to pick it up on your way home! Check it out and send in your email and you will be contacted with further info!

take it by storm (king)

wall_largeDave and I went to Storm King last weekend on the ol Coach bus. It was actually super cheap(44 roundtrip bus fare and admission) and convenient. No renting a car or having to plan ahead at all really! We spent the day up there and the only bad thing was the ice cream vending machine was broken!


There were lots of great things to see especially Andy Goldworthy’s stone fence handcrafted by 5 stonemasons over a period of 2 years from stones that were found on the old property. Maya Lin, who also created the Vietnam Memorial has created a large installation of waves- mounds of earth that mimick the ocean. It is a pretty great day trip. It comes highly recommended and Jane approved!


My toe plant is doing so much better.

toe plantI got it from the Sprout plant store and the directions said not to water it in winter at all, but Franny did. I think it is in the succulent family.Anyways, I was leaving it outside and it seems to be loving  all the crazy rain. Fran took this great picture of a new shoot coming through an old one.

I call it a toe plant. Other people think it looks like little butts. I guess you see whatever you like better….mmmm