Hazelnut cocoa and banana spread? Sure an why not?!?!



Pear pecan crumble

I used an old Bon Appetit recipe circa 1999 for pear maple crumble with a few substitutions. I used pecans instead of walnuts, a few pinches of fresh ginger(zing!) and less maple syrup since the pears were so juicy.


Now it’s going in the oven.

And BAM! It smelled up the whole apartment and Dave and I up and ate it before I did my photo shoot. Patience is a virtue except when a crumble awaits you.

What is the difference between a crisp and crumble anyways?
Crisp — a deep-dish fruit dessert made with a crumb or streusel topping and baked. The main difference I see is that this one contains oats in most instances.
Crumble — a British dessert in which raw fruit is topped with a crumbly pastry mixture and baked. One reference says a crumble is like a crisp, but not as rich.

Happy 2012

Made a chocolate souffle to celebrate 2012! I forgot to butter and sugar my souffle pan so it didn’t rise as much, but it was still yummy as heck.
I tried some reasonably priced trader joes dark chocolate and I’ve decided I won’t spend the money again to get some high end chocolate!
I can’t see any good reason to get a double boiler so I used this stunt double bowl on top of a saucepan. When it was all done, Dave dumped a bunch more sugar on his last few bites. Someone has a sweeter tooth than me!







Valentine’s Day Market

New Amsterdam Market is one of my favorites….and it is back to Be Your Valentine.
The regular market may be closed for the winter season but you can still celebrate your love with delectable treats and artisan gifts from our special Valentine’s Market at the New Amsterdam Market School.

Valentine’s Market and Apothecary
Saturday, February 12 – Monday, February 14
New Amsterdam Market School
224 Front St. between Beekman St. and Peck Slip

11 A.M. to 6 P.M.
The Bent Spoon
Cee Bee Citrus
Kombucha Brooklyn
Liddabit Sweets
LORE Artisan Goods
Mast Brothers Chocolate
Nuts + Nuts
P & H Soda
Shandaken Bake
Terra Cura Botanicals
Paper Art from Robert Warner
Selections from Wild Food Gatherers
Stay tuned for details on related special events, like a kombucha
brewing tutorial and a wine & chocolate tasting!

smitten kitchen blog- i heart you forever!!

Dear Smitten Kitchen gal,

You are my hero. You are always coming up with great, new recipes that get me excited to cook. They are of varying time commitment and always super tasty. My friend Leslie, who I’m still waiting on to get her new blog up, recommended this tomato sauce. It sounded too simple and one day, I decided to try it. It was so phenomenal, partially due to the heirloom tomatoes I roasted instead of using canned tomatoes. My super picky family in San Francisco was impressed. How could tomatoes, half an onion and some butter taste so good and remind my mom of her Florence days? Well, thanks to smitten kitchen and Leslie for that!

Here is the link to that particular recipe. Try it one day you don’t feel like going to the store for more ingredients. I dare you!

What Are the Dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup?

I was going to blog about this…but someone already did it better. Check out what they have to say…

All I have to say is that although I do my best to avoid it, I got sucked into eating large tablespoons of Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Syrup anyway. I mean, something has to give. Don’t take chocolate syrup away from my egg creams…nOOOOOOO….

Click below to continue to learn what other forms you are eating it in…..and why it is so bad for you anyway….

via What Are the Dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup?.

Astoria Gingerbread Row Houses

Here is our little series of row houses from Xmas. This actually looks a lot like our actual street. Yes, the houses are covered with candy and huge gumdrops peer like gargoyles off our roof! We opted for the “cheat method” this year and I didn’t bake gingerbread. Alas, I did see my most coveted gingerbread purchase besides my disco blue sparkly dust and it is this gingerbread cookie cutter kit! Ahha!!! No more tracing and baking for me!!!  Some of my favorite additions is the snow moat curbs, car skid marks and the gumdrop fire hydrant! Thanks DB!

go ojiichan!

This is my grandpa with his catch of the day. If you’ve ever eaten sushi with me, you know I have very good taste and I’d like to thank this man, my dad and the ocean for all my knowledge! I can’t wait to go back and visit him hopefully this spring!