Pear pecan crumble

I used an old Bon Appetit recipe circa 1999 for pear maple crumble with a few substitutions. I used pecans instead of walnuts, a few pinches of fresh ginger(zing!) and less maple syrup since the pears were so juicy.


Now it’s going in the oven.

And BAM! It smelled up the whole apartment and Dave and I up and ate it before I did my photo shoot. Patience is a virtue except when a crumble awaits you.

What is the difference between a crisp and crumble anyways?
Crisp — a deep-dish fruit dessert made with a crumb or streusel topping and baked. The main difference I see is that this one contains oats in most instances.
Crumble — a British dessert in which raw fruit is topped with a crumbly pastry mixture and baked. One reference says a crumble is like a crisp, but not as rich.


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