Crafternoon with Otto, the cat

Otto overseeing the table scape.

My dear friend, Audrey was gracious enough to host the last crafternoon. It was a lovely afternoon of knitting, collage making, fresh baked vegan cookies and pots of perfectly brewed tea. We have a steady and magnificent crowd of crafters, but someone who always get overlooked is Otto, Audrey’s cat. Signe made necklaces, Julia and I learned how to make an amigurumi cactus, Audrey was on a hat knitting marathon and Sakie was making collages. Otto usually likes to remain independent. He isn’t into following patterns or even sitting with the group unless there is lots of food. This afternoon, he was a team player.

And here he is helping untangle(?) yarn for Leslie and Julia. Thanks Otto for all your help and I hope you can participate more in the future!


One thought on “Crafternoon with Otto, the cat

  1. Oh yeah fun times! I thought I was gonna be soooo ready for a breather once I finished making all my christmas presents, but I just dove into another baby sweater, save meeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

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