Candy Land: The Backyard Board Game

I love this idea! Do I have time to do something like this? heck no. Do i wish I did? heck yeah.

I’d like to see a mini Mouse trap garden that doubles as a mini golf course!

Below is an excerpt from!

072310-candyland.jpg When you’re younger there are certain things you always dream of. Having a tea party with Smurfs, riding a dragon to the moon and back and of course, turning your entire backyard into Candyland. Although the first two might be a stretch, backyard Candyland is totally on the adgenda — check out the video after the jump!

There are 17 themed micro-gardens around the space that represent each of the areas on the traditional board game in some way with shape, smell, color and so forth. The space took 7 months to create and although there was a break in there somewhere for winter, everything came together quite nicely.

You can read more about the creation over at Craftster and we have to say job well done! What other board games would be a blast to recreate?


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