Hackers attack Twitter, Facebook also slowed

Since when is this really news???

Thousands of people feel left out in the heat and humidity with no sight of AC. How will you know every little move any of your “friends” that you never see or really want to talk to?How do I find out who posted what on who the hell cares wall? oh no…..your endless excuses to surf the internet repeatedly are over how will I ever be able to relate to a real live person again?

If anyone has any ideas, please text me, but not over 60 characters please!

 crackbook loging page


Grilling corn and kielbasa!

20090802_Jane's BBQ_120090802_Jane's BBQ_3we also grilled peaches and ate them alongside some homemade basil ice cream. that got eaten beffor a picture could be taken. Thanks to cara for all her pics! I still don’t have a new camera yet….

20090802_Jane's BBQ_5

 dave grilled his special corn…..and we got jalapeno sausages and kielbasa. yum!

we’ll have to have another one soon…….



 20090802_Jane's BBQ_2










Audrey also made some awesome brown sugar cupcakes.

Baby Colin’s sweater!

I took inspiration from my friend Leslie who made this sweater. I have to say I got it off ravelry.com for free. I am pretty much addicted to that website!colin

I had to wait to post this since it is a surprise for my sister, I mean Colin!