Merce Cunningham’s legacy

Unfortunately today was another sad day in the dance world. Merce Cunningham passed away. He was one of the frontier men in modern dance and his company’s future and his life’s work seems rather uncertain. This weekend his company will perform shows in his honor.

read more about him and his legacy

and yet more

and to see his work

This is a forward from my ol roomie and Cunningham dancer Emma DesJardins. I just know she is going to be beautiful! highly recommended.

I’m very excited to let you all know about my next NYC performance. This summer the Merce Cunningham Company gets to be part of NYC’s myriad array of free outdoor events. We are performing on August 1st and 2nd in Rockefeller park. Its and outdoor concert in a great location with views of the water and its FREE!! Check out the link, forward it to all your friends, bring a picnic dinner and enjoy the show! Happy summer everyone. -Emma


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