A whole new world…..

blackBErryNot really, but I just got my first blackberry. black berry

My favorite thing this morning was that when typing in blackberry, the first that came up was the mobile device. In wikipedia, the very first sentence is as follows, “This article is about the fruit. For the mobile telephone/email device, see BlackBerry.” Is anyone else perturbed by this?

As Shopsins states it, I am massaging my ego with technology. I can’t say my eyes don’t light up at the blink of the new messages light, but it isn’t that different from any other cell phone. The real question is what does it say that technological advances overtake the sweet great blackberry on the largest search engines around?

I know, i know, why not an Iphone? I almost made it around that corner, but stopped short when they offered me a blackberry for 40 with rebate. ha! The good ol bait and switch to stay with my old phone partner, sprint. The good thing is I can now text and email anytime. The bad is now I can text and email anytime. The best part of summer is overripe blackberries.


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