Making Vanilla Bean Extract!

DSCF2382 How do ya make it? Well all you need is……

no, Not love, but that helps. You need one great vanilla bean and some vodka or rum and a jar. I bought my bean in France at Mariage des Freres, my favorite tea house. Last spring, I took a few members of my dance troupe there for high tea. We got a golden box which was a chocolate mousse cake layered with salty caramel and the outside was covered entirely with gold leave. Talk about developing an expensive sweet tooth!

Here is how it looks a month after that last picture was taken! I think it takes about 6 months to become opaque, but I think you can use it whenever you want to. My aunt inspired me to do this. I was complaining about the price and taste of vanilla extract and although i haven’t used it yet, I am sure it will be better. A little less medicinal hopefully than store bought!DSCF2392


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