My CSA(community supported agriculture)share

I just started getting all of my veggies from a farm upstate. I love it. It is amazing. It is only my second week, but I had to take a picture of the beauty bounty of wholesome goodness. Included are garlic scapes, turnips, baby radishes, dandelion greens, chard, kale, a little basil plant, and cute lil strawberries…yum, my veggie life is absolutely heaven.

Oh, and I broke my camera’s LCD screen shortly after this. wish me luck with future pictures. Does anyone have a good camera recommendation?



My toe plant is doing so much better.

toe plantI got it from the Sprout plant store and the directions said not to water it in winter at all, but Franny did. I think it is in the succulent family.Anyways, I was leaving it outside and it seems to be lovingĀ  all the crazy rain. Fran took this great picture of a new shoot coming through an old one.

I call it a toe plant. Other people think it looks like little butts. I guess you see whatever you like better….mmmm

Making Vanilla Bean Extract!

DSCF2382 How do ya make it? Well all you need is……

no, Not love, but that helps. You need one great vanilla bean and some vodka or rum and a jar. I bought my bean in France at Mariage des Freres, my favorite tea house. Last spring, I took a few members of my dance troupe there for high tea. We got a golden box which was a chocolate mousse cake layered with salty caramel and the outside was covered entirely with gold leave. Talk about developing an expensive sweet tooth!

Here is how it looks a month after that last picture was taken! I think it takes about 6 months to become opaque, but I think you can use it whenever you want to. My aunt inspired me to do this. I was complaining about the price and taste of vanilla extract and although i haven’t used it yet, I am sure it will be better. A little less medicinal hopefully than store bought!DSCF2392

Sprout plant store meets CB 2

IĀ love my air plants. They don’t need dirt, but they sure do drink a lot of water. Dave helped me suspend them from the ceiling. The people who worked at CB 2 tried to convince me to use a tape hook, but I don’t know anyone who feels comfy sticking glass to the ceiling with tape. My mom sure would be glad to know I didn’t!


I am back!!!! Month #2 garden update.

I have finally unpacked. I have been weeding the garden and accumulating plants here and there. I bought a lupine. When we lived on our lil farm, we had fields of big purple ones. I also got a delphinium and lavender.

Here is month #2. We are planning on having a housewarming/BBQ soon, but why does it keep raining so much?!?Boo!

DSCF2388The previous tenants were either glass blowers or frat guys, there was so much glass. Franny wants to save it and make an art installation with it. We are like archeologists uncovering more everyday.

Oh and I made lentil soup with chicken apple sausages, thyme and red peppers. After this I am going to make icebox cookies, so I can always have cookies on hand for my guests. Yep, that’s right….fresh baked cookies anytime!