Gallery tour with David Behringer-The Two Percent



Last weekend, I went on a fabulous gallery tour with Dave and two friends,Andy and Nathan. Andy is an ER doctor and Nathan works at a web design co. It took them a whole year to actually get it together to come do a tour, but let’s face it,  the scene art itself is elitist and intimidating. It takes nerve to go in there and see art when you aren’t planning to buy any and some people in especially in the Chelsea gallery scene want it to stay that way. It is a shame because there is some great shows to see that aren’t necessarily presented at a museum.

The problem is that there is so much sifting one needs to do through the hundreds of galleries. Who has time or the energy? Why not randomly pick a few from a listing in Time Out? They don’t list every show every week. Most pubilcations list in cycles and then you have to find them. With Dave’s site, you can plan out your own quality tour or see one with him in walking order. More bang for your buck. Wait, this is free?!?!?!??! More bang for no buck at all!!!!

How do you find these gallery tours? You look on his website, Did I mention that David makes this website and that he does this merely for his own enjoyment and for others to feel welcome to see pockets of great art. He can’t be swayed by advertising and he isn’t trying to push for any galleries in particular since . I firmly believe that anything profit driven can’t be impartial.

 How know if you have the same taste? No one has the same taste, but he lists the top five recommendations based on all NYC art reviews and through his database, he can record past high ranking shows and I have to across the boards, I have enjoyed every outing. There is always something that is thought provoking and at the very least entertaining. Below is the candle lit platform room listed on his website now as one of the Top Five. It is pitch black in the beginning and then it slowly fades up. He doesn’t show pictures of the exhibits on his website, so he doesn’t ruin the surprise, so this picture is a treat! (All pictures were taken from Nathan Apland’s IPhone. )

He is currently redoing the website again and buying art for friends and family. He also has started his own collection on credit to prove it can be done. He also has a live webcam of his painting studio and he is the best boyfriend ever in case you were wondering.


You too can go on a gallery tour before the summer really hits….Email him or here before June. Otherwise, it starts up again in the fall.

Here is a cute one of Andy!conductor


And me at the Sophie Calle exhibit.


One thought on “Gallery tour with David Behringer-The Two Percent

  1. I’m here on the west coast wishing I could visit the Chelsea galleries again. Planning a trip next August but that seems a long way off. Thanks for sharing photos of your tour!

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