Ever disappointed with a pre made box?

Well, it’s true. I have been….For anyone with a special interest in having the box you’ve always dreamt of come to life.

Or a little miniature notepad as seen below. I just love the idea of using different papers and fabrics! ooh…..



2 thoughts on “Ever disappointed with a pre made box?

  1. ok, janeo, herewith, verbatim, as written very quickly, very early in the morning, very early in February, 2005. (FYI, I was learning how to knit with people named Erin, Sachi and Rebecca.)

    “Knames for Knitting Knight:
    FREAKS (French, Rebecca & Erin all knit with Sachi)
    FAKERS (French attempts to knit with Erin, Rebecca and Sachi
    SKARFE (Sachi Knits alongside Rebecca, French and Erin)
    Jonathan FRAKES? [did not investigate the possibilities there]
    Sitting While Knitting
    Knit-Fest 3000
    The “K” is Silent Night
    I’m at my Knit’s End!
    Getting Witty, Sitting Knitty
    Knitting: Safer than Heroin, Bigger Needles, Just as Addictive
    Knit That and the Other
    Gee, You Knit (G-U Knit)
    Act 1, Scene III: In Which French is Blown Away by Casting On
    K-nitting and K-vetching
    Girls with Perls

    That is all. If you use any of these, give me credit, or a knitted (knat?) thing once in a while. I miss your house.

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