Joyce Theater Dance Season Discount tickets

I know it is early, but the discount tickets are limited!

My season is the week of April 14th and is a week long. we have 3 different programs and a premiere full evening work. I would love for you to make it and not break the bank. Unfortunately, we aren’t going to get comps, so here below is the discount info……

Check out the Joyce Theater website…..

We would like to offer you a discount on your tickets.  You can get Buy One Get One Free tickets by using the code R241.  This code can be used at the box office or by ordering tickets over the phone.  You can’t use this code when purchasing tickets on line at Telecharge.  The phone number to call is: 212-242-0800.   

Please note that this offer is limited to the Price A ($49) and Price B ($35) tickets.  There is no Buy One Get One offered for the $19 seats.  Also, this offer is only good for the same performance.  For example, you can’t buy a ticket for Friday night and then use the free ticket for Saturday night.

This is a great discount to use for your friends and family.  If you use this discount at the $35 level, your price per ticket drops to less than the $19 level tickets and you also get to sit in better seats.  And one other little note is that there is a very limited number of $19 seats.  My guess is that these are going to sell out fast so don’t count on having them to buy at the last minute.  Also, the $19 seats are located in the first three rows only.  

Finally, there is a program in place at the Joyce now called Demand Pricing.  This means that once 75% of the $49 seats are sold, the price goes up by $5 a ticket.  Then, once 90% of the $49 tickets are sold, the price goes up another $5.  This means that waiting till the last minute to buy the very good seats, you are at risk of paying $59 a ticket rather than $49.  

Hope to see you all there! We have been working for 6 hrs a day/5 days a week listening to Mozart’s Mass in C nonstop. I mean Wolfgang himself would be impressed. It is really beautiful so far. We have all been creating about 5 minutes of movement a week, so it seems as if we’ll make it to April with an hour’s worth of dance! Phew! Please pass this on to any friends that may be interested!

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