Basic Brioche(part 1-sponge base)

That’s right. I am kneading the bread and starting with a sponge base! Get ready!

Oh and all of you friends that said I would find my camera… were right!!!!!!

Recipe by Rose Levy Beranbaum from the Bread Bible

yield: Makes 16 small brioche (or one 8 1/2-by-4 1/2-by-4 1/2-inch-high loaf)/17.5 ounces/500 grams

This is my basic brioche recipe, soft, light, and intensely buttery. For those who desire even more butter, it can be increased to 6 ounces,… more ›


Dough Starter (Sponge):

  • water, at room temperature (70° to 90°F): 2 tablespoon (1 ounce or 29.5 grams)
  • sugar: 1 tablespoon (scant 0.5 ounce or 12.5 grams)
  • instant yeast: 1/4 teaspoon (0.8 grams)
  • unbleached all-purpose flour (use only Gold Medal, King Arthur, or Pillsbury): 1/2 cup (2.5 ounces or 71 grams)
  • eggs: 1 large egg (2 ounces or 58 grams weighed in the shell)

The sponge isn’t much to look at, but it smells good!



One thought on “Basic Brioche(part 1-sponge base)

  1. Jane: “i’ve lost my camera”
    Camera: “no, i’m right over here”
    Jane: “YEAH!”
    [jane kicks feet wildly and throws two fist in the air. cue: jane smile]
    [camera sighs]
    Camera: “ohh jane . . . i was never lost”
    Jane: “YEAH!”

    the end

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