My thoughts on ice cream…..

I want to make earl grey tea ice cream with scone bites in it!

Then I want to make concord grape sorbet with peanut butter ice cream.

Oh and saffron pasta with a vodka rose ice cream.

I have a lemongrass vanilla bean ice cream in mind too.

My friend Diana recently had me try elderflower syrup and that was very yummy too. Could I make that an ice cream?

When I made lavender blueberry ice cream, it tasted more like blueberry, so I think next time i will have to add some lavender essential oil or extract….mmmmm

When I figure out the right chai tea recipe…with extra spicy kick, I think I will make an ice cream out of that too!

On a bad note….It isn’t ice cream weather at 7 degrees.

On a great note, I have an ice cream maker and am getting lots of ideas in the meantime!


3 thoughts on “My thoughts on ice cream…..

  1. I would disagree, all weather is ice cream weather. I once had an amazing earl grey panna cotta, they served it with some kind of honey lemon shortbread, a play on tea with honey and lemon. So tasty! Go for it, make the ice cream, but call me when you do!

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