My morning commute

As I sit there on the A train, I am cowering from the coughing man while to my surprise, the woman right next to me pulls out a Kleenex pack and Chloroseptic strips. As I walk off the train, I see an old  and very slight man walking along the platform looking congested as well. Now, I have been sick with a cold twice this month and have been no stranger to “bats in the cave” and the incessant “running a marathon” nose and I have been suffering silently. Have you ever seen an old chinese man, first plug one nostril, then inhale really big and shoot his snot onto the train platform? As an observer, I was in shock so my composure was altogether lost. First, a disgusted look lighted up my face. Then, of course, he had to do the other side and I realized that not everyone lives in a life of a stuffed up civilian while they are sick.  At least someone is free!

(Don’t worry. I am not planning on walking around without a tissue :)I hope his snot doesn’t cause an accident on the 7 line!)


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