and finally my first use of my pasta maker

Thanks to Franny and Marimba who got it for me for my birthday back in October and to my mom for inspiring me to make fresh pasta!

I think I will make saffron flavoured next!

Here is the dough! I think the ratio of eggs to flour is key. I couldn’t find the special pasta flour anywhere this time. No tipo OO and no cake flour, so regular flour it is! It was still tasty, but a little harder to work with in the beginning!

dscf2152Then, you slowly pull the pasta through thinner and thinner settings…dscf2153which then gets filled with a special roasted butternut squash and cheese filling

dscf2154and trimmed and sealed and savored with fresh sage and a brown butter sauce!mmmmmmmm

dscf2159and the leftovers were transformed in to linguine that went into the freezer!


and for dessert, we had a ruby red grapefruit and granny smith apple tarte tatin with cinnamon ice cream…..The only problem was the grapefruit didn’t hold up to the flip, so here is the before and well, the after just tasted good.





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