In the beginning( gingerbread house part 1)

I found a use for all that old vegetable shortening….PS. It made the house inedible which it becomes anyhoo, but it is nice and stiff.  I plan to make gingerbread people and gingerbread trees we can eat to supplement the sweet architecture!

Oh! If you don’t know I have started a tradition with Dave of making a gingerbread house every Christmas day, then now you do! I baked the walls and roof tonight, so it could harden. Oh, and Since I spent all Sunday night making cookies with Diana, I am craving sugar cookies. Does this sweet tooth nonsense ever end? 

I know, i know, I guess everyone has to been to NY Baking and Company except me and Dave, but we went today and had a blast. They are a little strict. No strollers and no lingering in front of the register. The man also snapped at someone because the other employees hadn’t priced a zester. It was a good example of holiday retail in NYC.

The walls cooling……dscf2151


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