Rice Krispy treats are the bomb!

Ok, so they obviously have a shelf life as I struggled to bite into mine.I offered some up, but the embarrassment was all Leslie’s when she tried to tear it apart. Only shark biting and excessive chewing can cure an almost stale krispy treat….

Who ever would have thought rice and sugar and gelatin could have made such a marvelous treat so common in every American household? I know Starbucks is almost the devil, but the fact that they usually have them, makes me have some sympathy. There went my soul…..No, really, if you make them with extra rich better, believe it or not, but they taste better. I remember even making a rice krispy treat birthday cake for a friend. No cake box or tricky frosting job required here!!!! I heart you Rice Krispy Treat!

This is the new Disney kid musician,ralph covert singing a song about them. If you haven’t heard of him, you are lucky…

just a rice krispy goose...

just a rice krispy goose...

Direct quote…once the rice krispies cool, they’ll be the best we’ve ever seen…


OK, so for the record, I think If Kellogg’s didn’t have anything to do with this, they would be called Crispy Fluffy Sweet Rice Nuggets, but I still can’t figure out why they spell Krispy as Krispie as well.


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