What would Julia Child have thought?

Ps. You aren’t the next Julia Child if you can’t make your recipes or haven’t ever shopped for yourself. Being a true artist in the kitchen is based on knowledge,skills and expertise of food.

As I sit home sick watching Emeril live, I wonder who has hired this guy who throws food on the plate like a man throwing a pie at a moving clown’s face. AND is saying,” Bam! ” really all it takes? oh, he has a band too! Throwing half a cup of garlic into a blue cheese salad dressing which doubled as a chicken dish garnish doesn’t really make think he is taking it up a notch!  Maybe if I was an alpha male from Staten Island, I could get into him.

Maybe all that is wrong with Sandra Lee’s Semi Homemade show is that I am not a rich bored housewife with no real interest in learning to cook. Isn’t that the equivalent or ordering out and saying I made it? I remember watching an antipasto salad episode. She rolled up all the meats and cheeses and assembled them and then made the cocktail. What a chef? I mean, what a short line cook? Or I know I’d like Paula Dean if only my cholesterol could handle it. The list goes on and on.

I grew up watching cooking shows with Jacque Pepin and Julia Child and people that didn’t make cooking seem hard, just something you practice at and get better. I remember reading up on what they were talking about in other cookbooks. They all knew how to butcher meat and had real knife skills. I watched Martin Yan too, but I never knew quite how amazing he was with his cleaver. Check out how he butchers a chicken in 18 seconds. Try that. Alas, not even the reason I watch the food network, Alton Brown would pass that test. Now I see cooking shows where they don’t even keep their stations clean of the previous vegetable or wipe off the crumbs. Sorry, Barefoot Contessa, but who has two large fridges that are always empty? The point is cooking and baking take time and skills and if you don’t want to spend the time to at least make your food, then you probably don’t want to take the time to savor it. With the prices of food, you may as well just eat out. 

This is Martin Yan’s amazing 18 second chicken butchering. Click here to get to it.

The moral of the story is that the food network is skating that entertainment/food line a little too thinly in this foodie’s opinion.


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