Pulse Park at Madison Square Park

Experience your heartbeat in lights. There are light sensors that pulse your heartbeat alongside the previous 199 people who touched the sensors. Pretty beautiful. The pre shack shack visit made it quite delightful! Check the web cam to see if it is busy!

when you walk up to  Rafael Lozano Hemmer’s installation Pulse Park, which will be switched on Friday evening in Madison Square Park, you register at a kiosk—but instead of giving your name, you record your heartbeat. Two hundred individuals’ pulses then become 200 beams of light, forming a blinking, flashing scrim that parkgoers can walk through. Lozano-Hemmer (a Mexican-Canadian who has built such works before, notably Puebla, Mexico’s Pulse Room and Toronto’s Pulse Front) spoke to New York about the inner workings of his mega-EEG—which, he notes, is not to be used in the event of a cheese-fries-related infarction at the Shake Shack. “It’s meant to bring everyone together, to allow people to express some sort of agency in a public space. It’s by no means medical.”



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