What noises do bunnies make?

Carrot cake body, coconut fur, licorice flavoured jelly bean eyes, cherry nose and paper ears


Although bunnies and rabbits are quiet by nature, they still have many ways of communicating with us. Bunnies generally will communicate with us through body language as well as some audible sounds. If you have a rabbit, you must observe your rabbit closely in order to communicate well with them, and understand their needs and desires. The more you observe, the more you will learn about them.

Some of the body language that is normally displayed for us are:

If your bunny is rubbing objects or even you with the underside of their chin, it means that they are currently marking their possessions. It’s kind of like how a dog marks their territory. Because rabbits have scent glands under their chin, when they make contact with objects on their chin, they can transfer the scent. This scent, however, cannot be smelled by humans.

Ever seen your bunny sit on their hind legs with their head held high? It’s really an adorable sight! It basically means that your bunny is satisfying their curiosity, and just noticing what’s around them. They are curious at the moment about the events that are happening before them.

Nudging away items from themselves is a sign that they do not want or like what is being placed in front of them. If it’s food, it simply means you have a picky eater, and need to do better. If your rabbit seems to be nudging you away, it can simply mean that they are tired of playing, and want to rest now.

Bunnies can show affection too. They display their affection to you by licking, nibbling or bunny kissing you. If it ever happens to you, you should be flattered by how much your bunny loves you.

If you find your bunny lying on the ground especially on their stomach with their ears flattened, legs stretched, and eyes closed, it means that they are resting, and that you should not disturb them. If their paws are stretched out, it means they are totally relaxed.

If you see that your bunny is violently kicking especially when you are handling them, it means that you are handling them in an incorrect way, and they are uncomfortable with the situation they are in. Place them down immediately, and learn how to handle them properly before doing so again. It’s instinctive for bunnies to kick for release when they are being held onto by a predator.

A couple of audible sound communications are:

If you hear a faint teeth chattering, it simply means that they are content with what is going on with them. In comparison, it is like a cat meowing.

If you hear a teeth grinding noise, it means that your bunny is sick; if you hear a loud ear-piercing scream, it means that your bunny is in agony they are either in extreme stress or pain.

Last but not least, if you hear a grunting noise. Stop what you’re doing and leave them alone. They are not happy with the situation that they are in at all.

Hear a thumping noise like “thumper” from Bambi? It’s not a good sign, and bunnies don’t thump just for the fun of it. Generally, bunnies will thump when they are startled or annoyed. They will also thump to get the attention for other bunnies, and is like a call for help.


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